Benefit of Healing mango Fruits

Mango plant or commonly also known as Mapelam is a plant that produces fruit Mangifera relatives with the same name, Mango. Scientifically it is known by the name of Mangifera Indica and classified into ethnic groups Anacardiceae. Trees of mango plants in the form of wood with height rod which can reach a maximum of 40 meters. If we follow the history, the mango tree was first discovered in India also Burma. But in its development, the fruit with a sweet and sour taste has spread to all corners of the world, including Indonesia in it. Not only delicious, fruit this one also has long been famous thanks to his usefulness to humans. Benefits of mango fruit has been proven by many people. Not believe? Pay attention to the following description.
Rich in essential compounds

A series of benefits mango is inseparable from compounds in mango fruit. Call it in 100 grams of mango are the nutritional value of 272 Kilo Joules or equal to 65 Kcal. Nutritional components that make up the compound include karnohidrat, a natural sugar, fiber or fiber, vitamins, protein, beta carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantinenat acid, vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus , zinc, potassium, magnesium and many others. All of these components have a positive effect on health and beauty

With rich compounds in the mango fruit, not surprisingly  if then the benefits are quite varied. By eating mangoes on a regular basis either directly or processed first, you will get a number of benefits including:
Distanced cancer. It has been scientifically proven that the researchers get interesting facts about the content of anti-oxidants in a mango. Anti-oxidants are very instrumental and effectively protect the human body from a variety of risks such as cancer of the breast, colon, blood kakner, prostate and many others. The compound is in a very powerful mango reduce the threat of cancer is gallic acid, astragalin, filsetin, quercetin and also methylgallat.
Brighten the skin. Benefits of mango fruit this one is certainly tempting women. By eating mangoes, your pores will be much cleaner and acne. In effect, your skin will be much brighter and healthier. These benefits can be obtained by eating a mango or by using it as an example of beauty as a mask.
Reduce the number koleterol. These benefits stem from the content of vitamin C in the mango that is high. Vitamin C is able to detoxify the blood of the elements is not important as the bad cholesterol.
Make eyes brighter. By eating mango cup each day will help your eyes seba it is very rich in vitamin A. Mango also helps to keep the eye kept moist and protected from dryness.
Another mango benefits to meet the needs of human alkaline. Compounds present in mango, such as tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid also can withstand alkaline reserve in the human body.
Increase arousal and sexual energy. The benefits of this one certainly very coveted those who have been paired. Reportedly levels of vitamin E in mango can help increase sex drive! So do not hesitate to consume fruit mango setoap day.
Mango able to improve the system pencernan. the benefits of this one closely related to the content of fiber or natural fiber in mango.
Eliminate heartburn. Mangoes can function as a cooler body. Heat the kidneys usually arise when burdened with the hot weather. By eating a mango, you can neutralize toxins and temperature in your kidneys.
Other benefits of mango fruit is to improve one's immune. It is closely related to the content of vitamin A is also C encountered in mango fruit. In addition, fruit with this gorgeous flesh color contains at least 25 carotenoids are very good in keeping the body fit condition.