Benefits of coconut water

Coconut TREE including multipurpose tree. Fruit and water can be consumed, the leaves can be made leaf decoration or as a diamond skin, even ordinary people in rural areas using a long palm tree trunks and clay can be a bridge. Not only that, after the fruit and water consumed, batoknya can be used as a charcoal burner. Even the cooking oil used for cooking is made from coconut juice.
There are many benefits of coconut, believed kahsiatnya can help treat various diseases. Kopyor coconut water consumed by pregnant women, among people believed coconut water can make the baby in a clean white belly. Coconut water is also in addition to treatment, it is also nutritious for health.
Here are a variety of diseases that can be treated with coconut water:

Itchy rash
Soak a handful of rice in coconut water which is still in the shell for 5-7 hours until the rice tasted sour. Then grind the rice until smooth (into flour). Then apply the material in the body that itch, eczema, wound, or a broken foot. Do it every day for 3-4hari.

Mix a pinch of turmeric powder and water whiting with coconut water. Apply the material to the affected part burns.

dengue fever
Easy to drink green coconut water mixed with lime juice on a regular basis.

Worms in children
Give young coconut water with a little lemon juice to children with impaired intestinal worms.

Exhaustion, fatigue, lethargy
Easy to drink green coconut water mixed with a little sugar, add ice if necessary.